What is radiant floor technology?

With the radiant floor technology, a series of special cross-link polymer plastic piping is embedded in the concrete floor creating a series of continuous loops forming zones within the home. Each zone can be thermostatically controlled to create a different temperature in each zone if desired. The radiant floor system utilizes the concrete floor mass as a thermal sink. The concrete floor mass absorbs the heat or cold and maintains a consistent temperature. An additional zone can be installed to interface with the ventilation system to provide extra heat or cooling by blowing air over a series of heated or cooled coils installed in the duct work.

How will a geothermal and radiant floor system make Casa Bella Verde more energy efficient?

Geothermal systems do the work that ordinarily requires two appliances, a furnace and an air conditioner. Geothermal systems don't have to work as hard (which means they use less energy) because they draw heat from a source whose temperature is moderate. The temperature of the ground or groundwater a few feet beneath the Earth's surface remains relatively constant (approximately 55 degrees Fahrenheit) throughout the year.

By having a circulating loop in contact with the consistent below ground temperature, the heat exchanger only has to increase the temperature in the loop by approximately +-10 degrees in order to create a comfortable temperature within the home. It is this fact that makes the geothermal system so energy efficient.