April 6, 2009<br/><br/>Bracing is added to provide the opportunity for straightening and leveling of the walls, to provide the scaffolding during 

construction, and to provide support while the walls are being filled with concrete. April 21, 2009<br/><br/>The interior cistern wall is now complete.  There are three dividing walls (only two are visible in this photo), which creates four 

independent chambers.<br/><br/>This will allow the homeowner to separate collected rainwater, and designate it for various uses such as landscape irrigation, 

pool water replacement, etc. May 1, 2009<br/><br/>Pour day!<br/><br/>

Today the IntegraSpec ICF walls are filled with the concrete.<br/><br/>

A 39 meter boom is used to pump concrete to 

the furthest points.  155 cubic yards of concrete is poured over an 8 hour period to completely fill the ICF walls. May 1, 2009<br/><br/>POUR DAY!<br/><br/>

By adding plastizers to the concrete mix, the viscosity of the concrete is increased allowing the concrete to flow 

freely and fill every dove tail groove on the interior surface of the forms.<br/><br/>  

The black IntegraSpec spacer and channel has a 750 lb spread 

resistance, keeping the forms in tact as they are filled with concrete. May 12, 2009<br/><br/>A 15 millimeter vapor barrier is installed to insure that moisture and gas from the soil will not come in contact with the concrete 

slab.  A 3/8 steel grid is tied to the L-Shaped slab ties to reinforce the concrete slab.  The vertical steel, which is positioned around the perimeter of 

the cistern wall, was wet set into the concrete after the wall was poured.  This steel will tie this level of the cistern wall into the next level, which 

will later become the wall of the pool.  Temporary wood ladders were bolted to the walls to allow access from one cistern cell to another. May 14, 2009<br/><br/>The concrete slab for the cistern is poured and finished.  The finishers use special knee boards to insure that the freshly poured 

concrete remains smooth.  The finisher wearing the orange shirt is finishing the first of four chambers of the large cistern.  The other two finishers are 

smoothing out the floor, which will not store water, but will be an area to walk and house mechanical equipment for the spa.  The spa will later be built on 

the floor directly above this space.  The short, curved wall divides the wet holding tanks from the dry walking space. May 24, 2009<br/><br/>Temporary post and beam shoring is installed to support the foam and steel flooring system throughout the concrete pour and curing 


Once the concrete is fully cured, the shoring will be removed. May 27, 2009<br/><br/>The installation of the INSUL-DECK foam flooring system begins. INSUL-DECK is a light weight, stay in place, concrete form designed to 

create reinforced concrete T-beams, slab floors and roofs.  Here we are using this system for the ceiling of the cistern, which will also be the floor of the 

pool.  Just as in our ICF wall system, INSUL-DECK is also made of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene).  Molded into each EPS form are two steel joists, which allow 

our contractor to attach ceiling or wall finishes, such as drywall, just as he would with conventional wood joists. May 30, 2009<br/><br/>INSUL-DECK is now in place and ready for the foam top hats to be added.<br/><br/>A description of top hats and their application will 

be included in the next photo. June 5, 2009<br/><br/>Because the vanishing edge pool will be built directly above the cistern, engineering requires that the beams that are formed by the 

INSUL-DECK be made deeper to support the load of the water.  Because the depth of our foam beam pockets are only 7, we must add 17 top hats to create 24 

finished pockets.  A top hat is a piece of EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam, which is cut to a desired depth, and made to fit perfectly on top of the INSUL-

DECK below.  Here the top hats are put in place and glued down with water based adhesive. Once steel and concrete are added to the pockets, each will become 

a support beam.
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